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Java + Dart »

My name is Ahmed Backshar I am indian Who's been in web development and mobile app development from 2010 This site is awesome if you want to share with others especially counterparts.

C++ & Python »

I am Patricias from Peru, I build simple, advanced games with Python and C++, I found a place which is better than

Javascript »

Call me Ntashah KM, UI/UX designer I turn my artworks into graphic designs then web design, I mean UI, with Reactjs and Vue.js

C# »

My name is Ahmed Backshar I am happily stating that C# is my favorite programming language which handles my everything

Arts »

I'm @gadirapencils, Artist with endowment in drawing/painting and skillful at coding, I love the situation when I need to switch from arts to coding with same mind and shared workspace It's a life...

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Electrical Engineering  44 views

What is Google

Computer Science  152 views
Why is Bulma framework good choice for Javascript developers?

I've seen many JavaScript Projects built with vanilla JavaScript, Libraries like Reactjs or frameworks like Vuejs with Bulma framework for CSS and made me thinking, the taste behi...

Javascript  589 views
What are best technologies to make a chat app over Bluetooth?

I have Idea for creating Bluetooth-Based chat app, where multiple users will share messages and wide range of files using that app in order to communicate in short-distance as Blue...

Software Development  321 views

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