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Who are We?

Donnekt is a Question-and-answer website & Social media platform which helps students, researchers, technologists, bloggers, developers, computer geeks and other learners. Was designed at Gadrawingz with the help of Github community in order to simplify the way we learn about different technologies by sharing important tricks and ideas.

What is #Donnekt about?

By putting into perspective, We have same/ different talents/ interests, Donnekt is about to make change in tech-world by making it easy for technologists to achieve their goals fast and build self-confidence based on their interests/talents, despite struggles/difficulties.

At donnekt, It's simplified to share different tips, tricky stuffs and solutions especially those in response to each relevant asked question such as (how-to, what..., when..., etc).

What is #Donnekt Objective?

Donnekt's main objective and mission is to gather underrated technologists together (according to counterparts) in order to make a great tech-world. Additionally, With the presence of Donnekt/Gadrawingz as our part, We help users to raise their innovative/creative arts, ideas and projects to the top by chat between donnektors (Donnekt's users) which is site's powerful tool.

Donnekt Main Pages

1. Main Donnekt
2. Donnekt Blog
3. Gadrawingz(For arts)

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