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About Us | Donnekt

Who are We?

Donnekt is short for doer/dev connnect, a Question-and-answer website and Social network platform on this world wide web to help developers(especially junior developers), visual artists, students, researchers, bloggers and other tech enthusiasts by sharing stuffs they know and bragging about different technologies.

Donnekt was found by Dev-artist Gad IRADUFASHA after getting inspired by Social network sites such as Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn and Dev sites such as Stack Overflow, Dev.to and Quora. The idea came in mind in 2019 and the site was designed and launched at Gadrawingz in February 2020.

What is Donnekt about?

People have different talents and interests and Donnekt is there to gather young technologists and senior technologists and artists together in order to share ideas with their compeers and make different technologies easier with the purpose of achieving their goals fast and growing self-confidence based on their interests/talents, despite struggles/difficulties. Moreover, At donnekt It's simple to share different tips, ideas, tricky stuffs and solutions especially those in response to discussions and asked question such as (how-to, what..., when..., etc).

What is Donnekt Objective?

Donnekt's main objective and mission is to gather junior, senior and underrated technologists together and fully connecting with their counterparts in order to make a great tech-world. With the presence of Donnekt and Gadrawingz as site part, We help users to raise their innovative/creative ideas, arts and projects to the top by getting connection with popular social sites for artists and developers.

Site Parts

1. Main Donnekt
2. Donnekt Blog
3. Arts site

Site Team

You can visit this page to view our team(developers) maintaining this site:

1. Founder
2. Annonymous 1
3. Annonymous 2

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Live Donnekt!