As Cookies are small files like IDs, usernames which are stored in Internet browser of user's devices such as computers, telephones, As cookies are used if you have Donnekt account, We currently don't use them but we can use then in future in order to recommend users what they would need according to their interests such as products or apps, Whether or not you are registered or logged in.

Why do we use Cookies

As we mentioned above, We use cookies in behalf of users by improving donnekt usage (user experience), protecting users data such as passwords(during authentication), contents and messages(confidentiality) in order to make sure users are safe while using our site.

Additionally Cookies help us to measure how user interacts with site, for example, The way data is updated on user's Tasks page depends on cookies so that we avoid data duplication and sending boring data by controlling recommendations, insights based on user activity. Depending on your browser, you can set your preferences to refuse cookies.

Data analytics

Our site has not yet started to use cookies in data analysis but We use Google analytics in order to manage and analyses website traffics and old, recent activities when site is up and running

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