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Donnekt Data Privacy

This website Donnekt is maintained at Donnekt which was publicly launched in East side of Rwanda since 22th February 2019. This site primarily focuses on Questions and Answers which are provided by donnektors, The main key of Donnekt site is to protect users data while they are online. We have different categories of users like visitors, learners (students) and instructors where each users participate according to his presence and thoughts about some topics.

Our Data Policy

This policy discusses deeply about the way information is shared and collected from Donnekt users, It also explains what the users are allowed or permitted to do when they are acive online. But it is easy for everyone. Every user should have read and agreed to our privacy policy before sharing information with us because this privacy policy jots down everything related to Terms of Use.

Donnekt will notify you of any change to this policy and let you review the revised policy before you choose to continue using this site and other features offered by Donnekt, if you are seeking any other help visit this link.

Kind of information We collect

Every user is independent, that is to say users should free to provide their personal information whenever they want. As It is sometimes boring to ask a lot of information from users, New users can register with us by providing a few information like username, E-mail address, Department and Telephone number(optional) only.

If you want to get signed up and get account, It is better if you are over 12 years old but the children like over 10 years old are allowed too but Children should get help from their guardian during using our site. Because this site mainly focuses on learning together and sharing information about those topics related to arts and technology. No more information asked bacause this website is connected on many social media like facebook, Instagram, tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit and More.

Even though this site has not started the way of sharing Sensitive data with our site, we guarantee that the users information is highly protected to where users do not have to hesitate about sharing information with us in case it is required We are able to track and analyze user information such as Frequency of visits, Time of Presence online, Type of browser used and other traceable information about how the site is used.

How does Donnekt actually work?

Donnekt website has two parts namely External Site and Internal site, internal site looks like small social media like how Facebook does But It is visible to registered users where User logs in according to his session time and share info+ with other users who are currently online or other who are registered as they can easily work like community. Therefore, Some quality posts with enough contents can appear on the public Internet in case administrators checked them and decided to expose it on public.

Donnekt external site looks like blog.donnekt.com/directory/subdir/ or gadrawingz.donnekt.com/directory/ and is visible to everyone like visitors and it is where we share almost website posts and those page are easily indexed by google or other search engine through our sitemaps we provide in order to let pages get crawled by different search engines. That is to say We follow search engine optimization guidelines.

Our Connection With Social Media

@Donnekt is the unique site when it comes to search on those different social media platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit. Users or Visitors are allowed to share our posts on their post feeds but to improve a post is only allowed if you commented or contacted post author and let him/her know something going on. contrary to that it is illegal.

In addition, We use social media and other e-commerce sites in order to improve our website visibility and reach many people in different place of the world. Social media help us all to promote our sites, You come to us and we come back to you shortly. Other information about us can be found on About Us and Contact Us Page.

The Way use users information

This site is for technologists or those who seek help from other members according to their interests and. The main objective is to promote each other as users in general. We do not intend to sell your personal information. Users submit and get information from our website but will never be visible to anyone in middle of Site and you if it is confidential. Main Objective: Your privacy comes first.

How do we manage information security?

Our site is hosted on Hostinger as Our webhost, and has powerful and secured servers. During the time of using Donnekt site for registered users, They are required to choose easy-to-remember username and strong password and make sure they don't save login info+ in different devices they use in order to keep their log in information confidential.

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Live Donnekt!