Terms of Service

Welcome to Donnekt platform, which promotes innovation & creativities in connection with technologies, we provide services that help people from different places to connect with each other and improve their skills and their development in general. These Terms of service are like contract between the site(donnekt.com) and users which guides you how to use our services, Apps, Account creation, posting, messaging, commenting, reporting or accessing any Donnekt content. In order to use our services you must agree with any of these terms of use.

Donnekt is free to use that is why we don't charge you for accessing our services. As site grows, Donnekt can help users to make some money in their contents but that's not main target of the site. When it comes to business some companies, organization pays you in order to show advertisements(ads) of their service in your content. According to Our cookies policy Donnekt can show ads to users depend on user's interests and collected cookies.

Again, Your personal data is secured, so that we promise users to feel safe when they share information with us, because their private data will remain confidential unless user expose it by him/herself. If user mistakenly exposes his private information, he/she can contact us and so we can disable his/her account temporarily and maintain his account in his/her behalf. Additionally Donnekt don't sell your private information (usernames, password, email) with public or advertisers, but user location and interests can be used if user feel comfortable with it.

Our Services

Our main target is to connect and link people together by posting Ideas, Questions and answers in addition to powerful and chat between users while making discussion. Many services we provide, are mentioned below:

  • We connect you with other people you share interests(Same community).
  • We make it easy to organize your content and make it visible to public easily.
  • We help you to express yourself, your ideas, questions and requests to audience.
  • We protect user's data and make sure users feel safe while using our site.
  • We provide a better user experience while using our site with all versions(Computers, Mobile versions).
  • By one or many users' support, We help users to build their projects fast.
  • We help you to find the content, products, and services that may fit your needs.

Our Do's and Dont's

As donnektors(users) are free to use this website, There are rules to be followed by each user which guides them what they should and shouldn't do in order to make sure that the site is used properly. These includes:
  • Avoid spreading rumors or fake news deliberately, As we try as good as possible to satisfy our users as their trusted source of information.

  • Don’t break the law or take any action that violates other people’s rights such as harassment, offending others and such like that.

  • Avoid plagiarism or stealing other users' contents without permission in order to maintain content's originality and avoid data duplication.

  • Don't try to corrupt anyone's devices such as computer, phone by testing your harmful programs such as viruses on this site as It can be harmful in one way or another.

  • Each user should primarily focus and contribute to one or (many) communities based on his/her interests as It's primary thing make Donnekt better.

  • Don’t make any commercial use of Donnekt because this site is for personal and non-commercial use only. Again, Don't use the site in the purpose of advertising your goods or services without permission.

  • In order to use this site properly and help site to provide best user experience, Users should update their profile at least to 70% of profile completion.

Who can use Donnekt?

In order to be use this site you should be comfortable with these lines described below:

  • Each user who is over 10 years old is allowed to sign up. If we examine account and found it is used by someone who is under 13, that account will be deactivated temporarily to check if account is for good use.
  • This site can be used for Schools, Students and others who seek for any help to improve their level of learning and more related to technologies.
  • Innovators and Researchers

Limits on using intellectual properties

Our users are allowed to use our intellectual properties such as images, sounds and videos, but for Donnekt use only, and If it's for commercial use user will need to chat with Donnekt and let us know what's going on, and get permission Otherwise the product is open source so that it doesn't need any special permission. Again, Please don't alter, copy, or use our logo in any way without Permission because it will hurt our Brand name.

Updating our Terms

As the development and technologies grow, we may need to work on updates by asking or without asking users in order to improve our services which will satisfy your needs. Therefore, We may need to make any change to site if necessary especially in behalf of site and community in general.

Suspending and Deleting Your Account

In order to maintain site's performance, we monitor and measure the site traffics and usage so as to examine what to improve, add or replace, But Users themselves may need to deactivate their accounts for some reason or delete it permanently. Some users accounts might be deleted accidentally or hacked, But they don't have to worry because The disabled account could be restored within 8 months before it is permanently and completely removed from server.

If user's account is deleted, All of his/her contents, posts, comments, chats will remain accessible but other users won't react on them as they will be marked as #ReadOnly. Additionally, If we examine and figure you have seriously or repeatedly violated our Terms or Policies we will warn you and if you continue to hurt us, we may disable your account immediately. If we disabled your account temporarily, We'll let you know the causes of your account's suspension by emailing you through the email you provided during account creation.

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