Are developers| programmers and artists similar in thinking?

I've heard and seen many people who are programmers and artists who are successful in both fields, and I wonder how further programming is close and related to arts. How do both artist and developer express their ideas, How do they turn theory to practice | in different ways or same ways?

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Themeeky • 8 months ago
Programming is the child of arts, And I can answer this question saying they are closely connected! But programming comes to top in thinking, analysis, design and description, by taking example of applications and softwares, you can't find ones without documentation for explaining it to end-users for user-experience purposes However many artworks are self-described. At first glance »

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Devuntildeath • 8 months ago
Some artists only need to make a full observation in order to get their jobs done and start drawing what they are seeing(reference) These artists don't need artist deep thinking since they are good at drawing/practice On other side, There are artists who will need to go deep in thinking because they need creativities in their artworks. I call them "Real artists" as they spend most of their time imagining something new and give it life(bring it to real world). I call this type of artist a "logical thinker because all of his arts are original and logically made. This fact make me undoubtedly put this artist in the same box as computer programmer. Back to programmer side! They use their logical minds, while writing, debugging codes and even when they are designing program interfaces. Since we are talking about programmers we mean real ones who are there just to solve client's problems. Not those guys ( x programmers) who write a single line of code ("hello world") or those guys who go to net and copy codes, paste it and run it even when they don't know if code works! I can conclude saying that both use their minds control things or creating something new, But artist are not stressed like programmers because programmers are like mathematicians when it comes to thinking and analyzing! »

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Gadrawin • 8 months ago
Thoughts comes to my mind about this question are based on personal experience that I have in both arts and programming. Because I spend most of my time do coding and drawing, painting in my spare time! When new idea comes in my mind I have to take a paper and add it to my to-do list so that I cannot forget it. When it is about my programming projects:
  • I do some practice before starting the projects(rehearsal)
  • I make some flowcharts (don't need to be designed well)
  • I state each useful idea comes in my mind in my notepad
  • I try to test some complicated code to handle any problem
  • I get new Idea while coding
  • I can spend 12 hours a day in house without getting out
  • More...
When it is about my artworks:
  • I make some wack sketches, to see if I can draw, paint it
  • I take reference to other artworks sometimes
  • If I'm failing to do some parts of my artworks I do Google!
  • I rehearse until I get my prototype done
  • Some new ideas comes while drawing, painting
  • I can spend 6+ hours a day without putting down my pens or pencils
  • More....
Summing up: As you can see in those points I mentioned above, My way of working on both sides are the same and I think, My counterparts use one or many of those approaches that I mentioned above. Again, the way of thinking is almost the same although it can't be 100% »

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