Do I need python if I know C++, C#, Javascript , R and Php

I am programmer who mastered C# and C++, Javascript, R(for data science) and Php(backend) in all my projects and I'm advising developers if Its a must to learn Python too earlier. Is it necessary to go in jungle hunting that big snake(Python) programming? language, since:
  1. I can build games with my C#, C++ skills
  2. I go data science with my R programming
  3. I go web development with my C# Javascript and Php
  4. I build my web apps and design UIs with Javascript, (Reactjs and Gatsby)

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Nf • 3 months ago
Python is undoubtedly popular programming language every programmer should know because it's general purpose programming language which can be used in almost everything. Learn once and work everywhere. Nothing else to add there! »

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@Gadrawin • 3 months ago
Say "We know python is good programming but Hey, say... programming language every programmer should know, not ....must know... because "To be a successful or best programmer doesn't mean to be a pythonist, Instead you need to be able to make each project and complete it successfully with right programming language!"

Codeveloper • 3 months ago
If you want to be a best programmer in this world its better to learn one programming language and master it before switching to another. especially if that programming language is mostly used and in-demand Examples: C, C++, Javascript, Python, Java and Swift. But the fact of being a specialist in one, two or more programming languages doesn't mean you don't have to know other trending technologies even if you are not going to start using them at the same time. To be aware of those technologies and know (what they are used for and where they are used) is enough because You know your alternative tools and next technologies(programming language) to learn in future. »

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Devuntildeath • 3 months ago
Yeah I understand You know programming languages which I think are best and used in many fields like web development, software engineering, web development and even data science, But I don't know if you are master in them because those languages you mentioned are in-demand and rank higher when you are looking jobs. But here is what I think: Python is general-purpose programming language which means it can be used in many fields of development be it software development, game development, web dev and data science. This fact makes it popular among developers/ programmers (beginners or masters) because they take it as a future tool as it is all-in one programming language the world looks up to these days. I think you should learn it, as alternative language if you wish to do your jobs in a short time without needing to switch from one programming language to another. Happy coding! »

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