Is using WiFi too much putting my life at risk? How and Effects

I am a student who lives near our college which has high-speed WiFi, I am addicted to it as gangsters to cocaine because it's free and fastest. My colleagues usually tell me that It could be a health risk since I consume it too often, Is that right? If so How can I stay healthier and still use it?

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Themeeky • 1 month ago
@ Dear friend, I used to consume our neighbor WiFi as I was young and broke, To where I could spend a day without logging out my social media platforms and my life was still good and normal I don't know if It's because I do regular exercises as I am a footballer and I heard some people saying doing jogging after using WiFi for a long time reduces the risks caused by wireless. I learned that WiFi and other mobile communications send electromagnetic radiation while using it and it possibly can harm you in one way or another because the rays which are transmitted from sender and receiver pass through human body. Will that harm you? - Uhm I am not sure but I think so. »

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