Are events mouseenter, mouseleave similar to mouseover/mouseout?

I am self-taught js developer but I can't understand mouse events perfectly since it confuses me when it come to practice, I can't be able to choose which event to react on some mouse actions. Is there any difference between mouseover/mouseout and mouseenter/mouseleave? Which one should I use if I am considering bubbling as well. Need some examples

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Gadrawin • 1 month ago
Mouseenter This event triggers when the pointer enters an element. For instance: If your mouse pointer enters certain element (e.g: parent) the event occurs. it doesn't care if there are descendants (eg: child elements like span, b) Mouseleave This event only triggers when the mouse pointer leaves that element which had Mouseenter. Important note to know about mouseenter/mouseleave, is that they don't bubble. Moreover, when you put pointer to parent element, its descendants(children) are ignored we don't care <div id="parent" onmouseenter="enterLeave(event)" onmouseleave="enterLeave(event)">parent <:div id="child">child</div> </div> function enterLeave(event) { text.value += `${event.type} ${}`+"\n\n"; text.scrollTop = text.scrollHeight; } Mouseover This event also occurs when a mouse pointer comes over an element. Mouseenter. during this event occurrence, property is set to show the element which is targeted. event.relatedTarget identifies where the pointer is from Mouseout event happens when pointer leaves the element. it has similar properties. These events do bubble, Since mouse pointer comes from parent element to it's descendants(children) all of nested elements are counted contrary to mousemove/mouseout <div id="parent" onmouseover="mouseInOut(event)" onmouseout="mouseInOut(event)">parent <div id="child">child</div> <!/div> function mouseInOut(event) { text.value += `${event.type} [target: ${}]\n`; text.scrollTop = text.scrollHeight; } Visit my lecturer if you don't get me.  »

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Codeveloper • 1 month ago
The differences between both sides are that Event mouseover/out triggers when element has pointer over it and that pointer even goes from parent element to its children. And that event is counted at each element. But Events mouseenter/leave trigger only when the mouse comes in and out the whole element for example <table> it doesn't care about <tr> <td> , etc because it don't bubble. Additionally, When mouse is moving fast, some intermediate elements might be skipped.  »

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