Is it possible living on mars?

As humans we get curiosity and wish to know if there are other planets which is similar to Earth which makes me asking myself If there is the possibility that there is life on Mars as it looks similar to Earth, we live on.

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Alshakul • 2 weeks ago
IMO, No life on Mars, Even their tools proves it. How can they say There's a life in place where there is no water, and good air condition, Will you be flying over nothing forever on mars? Impossible. Enjoy the earth. »

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Themeeky • 2 weeks ago
The scientists and astronomists announce that there's another option for living things, That's Mars, According to NASA chief scientist (Jim Green) since June 2018 said that Mars is getting better and better. Another point is that Mars share many similarities with earth but not any other planet in the solar system.  »

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Sunnymorris  • 7 months ago  • Follow
This is within realm of possibility. Just, think about it this way: Like Daniel Super says, everything we know about history etc. contradicts this. Every respectable scientist would argue that humans didn't once live on Mars, based on evidence at hand. So, which is a more likelier assumption: That all the historians, all written history, all scientists, whole of science, every reasonable human being is wrong »

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Digitalraji • 7 months ago
Possible, but that will be in a very distant future »

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Alshakul • 8 months ago
Imagine living on surface like this, the planet which is the second smallest in the space. As geography says... Mars has the largest dust storm and astronauts stated that it will have a ring one day. how could you expect $omething tho?

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Gadrawin • 8 months ago
In my opinion, It is possible... but it will cost you a penny (I mean it requires many requirements) by taking into consideration what astronauts say.... is that it has for instance, surface temperature of -87°c to -5°c, imagine living in that place... »

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@Gadrawin • 7 months ago

@Alshakul • 8 months ago
Eh thats hard man...

Gadrawin • 8 months ago
It is not yet figured out that There is life on Mars but, The research is still going on. Even though Astronomers and astrobiologists have not certainly proved that There is life, their evidence are cumulative and shows that there could have been habitable for microorganisms in many years ago »

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