How do we protect sensitive information handled and stored by third-party vendors?

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Skilledtech • 9 months ago
If your data is handled by third parties vendors, You don't have to work on security to much because you have people you pay for that job. Information handled by Third-party vendors should be secured, but Behind the scenes It's hard to know whats going on. As far as I know, I think of (third party vendor) is a company which makes official agreement with some organizations in order to deliver a better service to client. Your Third-party management must be good. This process is where companies monitor and manage interactions with all external parties. BEST PLANS: ---------------------- @ Develop a good plan for your busines and prepare stable finance management. @ Perform due diligence by determining if your vendors are audited or assessed by an outside party @ Keep monitoring / keep on supervision. @ Have a plan B and stay resilient because vendors could terminate relationship with you any time @ Just keep on learning data security best practices. »

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