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Here I summarized the difference between logical and physical database structure, with succinct examples

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Themeeky • 4 months ago
Logic database structure: a) Tablespace: Is a logical storage container for segment b) Segments Segment is database objects such as tables and indexes, that consumes the storage space (set of extents allocated for certain logic structure c) Extents Extent represents contiguous data blocks that are used to store same data. Moreover extents minimize amount of wasted(empty) space on storage Another definition: Extents are collection of contiguous blocks, the size of tablespace is the size of datafile that constitute to that tablespace. The size of tablespace is the collective size of the tablespace that constitute to the database. d) Data blocks a data block is the smallest unit of data within a database. e) Schema Objects are the structures that represent the database's data. Physical database structure 1. Data files: their role is to contain databse's data. 2. Redo Log Files: Their purpose is to record all changes made to data, Moreover those files protect database against failure. 3. Control files: contains entries such as database name, location of datafile, redo log files and timestamps of database creation.  »

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