Back-End is easier than Front-End in web app development

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We are discussing how front-end side is more complicated compared to Backend side, when it comes to time to time both side take to accomplish tasks and required skills. According to my side, I propose this motion defending that Frontend side is harder based on my experience as a web developer.

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themeeky • 1 week ago
I completely agree with this topic by the following points. Backend become easier, when it comes to programming languages to use in coding. Because you are have to use one or another language depends on your project as it's not a good practice to use many programming languages in a single project unless you are using frameworks or libraries, Let's take for example, Php(Codeigniter), Ruby(Rails), Python(flask) or Java(Spring). Happy coding!! Whereas on Front-End side you are supposed to use as many languages as possible for good interactive design, For example: HTML, CSS and Javascript. Or Bootstrap (combined) »


devuntildeath • 2 weeks ago
Back-End is more complex than Front-End (Sweet dev world) because there's nothing hard in languages like Html and CSS but Javascript. Moreover, Back-End is about building how everything works behind the scenes such as data submission, response to user requests, searching, user and posts management, etc. »


gadrawin • 2 weeks ago
Front-End can be, but rarely more complex based on client needs especially when they need a unique design for his web app, site, That design might be based on imaginary design, artwork, innovation and more complex tasks. While Backend side doesn't involve client because they doesn't know what's going on behind the scenes. »


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