How does a new website benefit from traffic(visitors) without ads?

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I have a 1 year old, e-learning site which makes more tutorials about technology for free but I can't see different ways to monetize it other than using advertising because ads are getting me nowhere because they are not enough. Thus, Are there different tricks to make money in my site without advertisement? Let me know

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 • 1 month ago
It's not easy to make money On your site without relying on ads Unless your site is a giant like Amazon, GitHub and Google,etc. Because they provide many services and many ways to make money But you can also, if you have e-commerce site you make money by selling products, if you have e-learning site you make money from paid courses and such! Other important thing is that, if your site has good traffic (at least 10,000 people who come to your site), I swear, you have money already, as there are millions ways of monetizing your contents) for example: ads, affiliate links, selling services and products...  »


themeeky • 1 month ago
There are numerous ways to monetize your site without using ads but it's better to apply for google adsense unless your site is as giant as Quora, StackOverflow, Google, YouTube, Amazon, and such. The following are other ways to make monetize your website.
  1. Add Email subscription feature to your site, to get control of mailing list of visitors coming to your site and grab many opportunities of sending them mail for recent posts and articles
  2. Affiliates
  3. Add "ThankMe" feature: This sounds interesting when you see something like #BuyMeCoffee especially on Developers site
  4. Add paid courses: Since you posted your site provides tutorials for free, You can add paid courses as well, if you think, you have attracted audience so that they can join you without struggling.
  5. Find Sponsors: It's not bad idea to find sponsors when you provide quality services, for pushing your site to success you ever dreamed about, Moreover, if the site is good enough, the sponsors will find you themselves.


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