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What are required techs to build a robust, real-time video chat app

Are there required technologies if I need to create a fully-fledged video-chat application like Omegle and Twitch. As developer, I wanna know if there are libraries or any othe...

Web Development 39 views
What are scripts don't block DOMContentLoaded event?

A document is loaded and DOMContentLoaded is handled/run after everything in script tag is done, but are there some scripts which can't prevent a document from loading ? How many o...

Javascript 8 views
What are all about str_contains function came with Php 8?

I heard about this new function str_contains in the release of php 8.0, Which is helpful as I think, but I don't understand the usage, Ans I'm wondering if it is used as contains()...

Php 39 views
How does a new website benefit from traffic(visitors) without ads?

I have a 1 year old, e-learning site which makes more tutorials about technology for free but I can't see different ways to monetize it other than using advertising because ads are...

Web design 25 views
What's good naming convention between snake_case, camelCase and PascalCase

I need to know which is best way(naming convention) to use between camelCase, PascalCase and snake_case according to different programming languages including Java, Python, Php, Ja...

Programming 9 views
How does Google and Facebook benefit from their frameworks such as Angular and React?

It's known that Both Facebook and Google are giant in technology as they are competitors to where they show each other how they are strong, especially by developing frameworks and ...

Web Development 12 views
Why is GitHub hard for most young developers to use properly?

What makes GitHub hard to use when you are new to Programming, Is it because of commands or whatever? Is it using GitHub complicated?? If so, what should be used and considered ...

Programming 6 views
Don't use do-while loop in Payment system - Said lecturer

But I don't think do When I was studying in university @Level2 I acquired some logics behind Loops when we were learning OOP in Java. Our lecturer warned us and said 'Never us...

Programming 59 views
How to my visual artworks go viral and raise my brand name?

I am new in art field but I don't know how and tricks to make my artworks get known globally and reach as many people as possible, tell me how you do it

Arts & Design 10 views
In which programming languages Donnekt is written?

I am new user to Donnekt but I'm confused about programming languages used at Donnekt at (Front-End and Back-End) side as it's hard for me to find out

Programming 9 views
How to make selectable list over items like folder in file-managers?

I have more than 50 list elements which are in unordered list and I want the following action to happen: If user clicks on element highlight it with blue color.

  • If it...

    Javascript 10 views
What's the logic behind (auto-saved draft) using Javascript codes?

I mostly use Q&A sites such as Stackoverflow, Quora, when I'm interacting with form by adding some data in their input box, textarea, etc. sometimes I leave the site unexpectedly b...

Javascript 38 views
How to handle and gather webpage data after user leaves a site in Javascript?

I am adding some interactive features to my webpage with Javascript but I want to collect the data about how each page is accessed and used by site visitors (for analytical reasons...

Javascript 43 views
What's the logic behind Drag n' Drop algorithm using Javascript?

I always wonder what's going on under the hood when I take a photo, document file or multiple folders or files and I drag from some place and paste it anywhere. With dev ideas,...

Javascript 41 views
How to make editable div or paragraph by double clicking?

I want to make a simple div which has to become editable when a user double-clicks on it. I wish div to turn into element like text field with cursor to the text where double-click...

Javascript 45 views

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