What are required techs to build a robust, real-time video chat app

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Are there required technologies if I need to create a fully-fledged video-chat application like Omegle and Twitch. As developer, I wanna know if there are libraries or any other tools which are needed to accomplish my development tasks efficiently. Help me out, I need a hint to start from..

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gadrawin • 1 week ago
Before getting into development of video chat app, You should make sure you are good at Javascript, then the job will be easy and done fast by considering the following is technologies:
  1. WebRTC APIs: is Web Real-Time Communications a technology that support a direct real-time communication between different browsers without involvement of third-party plugins. WebRTC makes it possible to access devices such as microphone and camera when you it comes to video chat applications. WebRTC has many APIs but in video chat development, we need RTCPeerConnection, RTCSessionDescription and navigator.getUserMedia
  2. Nodejs: is a cross-platform Javascript runtime environment runs the V8 js engine the core of Google chrome outside the browser which is good for real-time communication. Nodejs makes a remote connection between two or more devices. Moreover, Nodejs uses "non-blocking" technique to handle all requests perfectly.
  3. Socket.io: Is a library (real-time communication engine) to build network applications and make a connection between 2 devices with WebSockets
  4. Express.js is a nodejs library to create a web server to work with static files for UI.
That's it, Happy coding! »


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