Why and when do we need to update our code editors regularly?

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Sometimes it's not necessary to update your text editor especially if you are still comfortable with old app version you have But I have noticed something important about updating my code-editor based on my person experience in coding using different text editors such as: sublime, VS code, IntelliJ IDEA and PhpStorm HERE is what I get after updation, 1. It shows me deprecated tags(where tag is still in use or replaced with strike in it) 2. Improvement in Good coding practice 3. Code editor suggestion words 4. Auto-completion tags, codes How about you devs?

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anonymous4 • 1 week ago
Let's talk about it. There is one big mistake most Developers make, They don't know how to use their text editors Instead, Most of them know how to open, save, rename and delete a file in addition to some little skills about customization such as zooming in and out or changing fonts, but who know to use it perfectly at least 80%? Thus, you can't be able or be aware about updation, when you don't know how to use your text editor! Nobody! Just a few! »


themeeky • 1 week ago
IMO, I don't usually update my code editor Since it is still working for me comfortably. unless it is updated automatically (itself). I used Eclipse 3 years ago when I was a fond of Java, For first time of usage, It worked well, but after updation it started behaving unexpectedly because of the following reasons. 1. Sometimes a text editor updates itself when you always have a network connection, It may receive unwanted updates even though, those updates maybe useful in future, Which require other configurations, That's why as Developer you must be aware that your Editor is updated or not. On other side, Automatic updates are helpful because Text editors are updated according to Programming languages it was made for. Happy hacking! »


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