Can I use React.js and Angular.js libraries together?

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If people prefer one library over other, I want know if React.js and Angular.js can be used in the same project without any problem. Because I prefer React.js at my front-end side but I like some other features like Google maps (which will be easily while using Angular.js). If it's possible, how can those be combined in order to enjoy them together.

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anonymous4 • 7 months ago
Yes, You can use both React.js and Angular.js but It's recommended to decide and use one instead of combining them because They do the same things. Apart from being React.js popular in most web designers it is not a full framework but library(which plays a good role in rendering web application without issues because of Virtual DOM). (How about Angular.js?) AngularJS is a full framework which (I think) is good because It shares same functionalities with React.js, If google stuffs was made with a framework, Just consider Angular.js. Cases where you are allowed to use both: @ When you don't need to configure to many stuffs as it is in React, I mean (when you need to work with a full framework) @ When you will need Google map in your app, (Angular is the best tool among other js frameworks because it is currently an Angular's component) @ When you mastered both React and Angular (you can compare them and pick which one to use according to project you are starting) @ When your project(application) is bigger, No limit. »


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