How does any framework affect end-users of your web application?

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Today it seems like frameworks or libraries are common weapon(tool) for almost every modern developer, thats good because frameworks speed up development and make coding easier. How do my app, site look like in case end-user has weak internet connection or any user-experience issues?

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alshakul • 6 months ago
Framework is development tool just like we know other tools in development such as libraries, APIs with their respective uses and such. What makes framework differs from those other tools is that Many components from one or two programming languages are bundled together to make one solution needed for easiness and fastness of writing codes and development. »


codeveloper • 6 months ago
By referring to previous Gadrawin's comment, Not only Front-End frameworks, But also Back-end/Server-side Frameworks. Server-side frameworks affect users and infrastructures depend on how internet is being server at client-side. Because data is fetched from server to client's device, and that process might take a long time when loading is slow or having any troubles as frameworks have dependencies themselves and will make you restart web server in order to serve your client completely. There are secured login forms of many robust sites which uses server-side frameworks such as Symfony(Php), Django and other tools for that job to make sure that full security is provided, Many actions will be involved and user will die waiting while they have inadequate connection plus those processes getting done.  »

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@Uhiriwedeby • 5 months ago
Yeah but it depends on the framework or library heaviness, not all

gadrawin • 6 months ago
Most times users with slow devices such as phones or computers are the one who are highly affected by using application developed with big-packed frameworks. Many times issues likely to happen to apps built with client-side frameworks such as (React.js and Angular.js) as those frameworks are heavily bundled which means they have unnecessary components which your app doesn't need in order to serve. This might make user with slow internet connection experience slow loading times, And not all the users are patient enough to wait for that boring time. I used to have bad user experience since I was using Facebook on my computer as I was in rural area where there is no good internet connection. You know that modern facebook with its interesting UI (thanks React.js team for enhancing facebook's beauty). What I experienced was getting one component like navbar on header section without feed and footer sections, And I was unaware of how react.js works even though its library. Ultimately I decided to use mbasic.facebook for slow connection after realizing that libraries and frameworks require to load some components fully in order for app to work properly.  »

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@Gadrawin • 6 months ago
I got it @annonymous

@Anonymous4 • 6 months ago
If you think your audience is having unstable internet connection, Made two version of your apps just like facebook did or choose a framework which is suitable for slow network.

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