I used to get 8% marks in maths but I became successful programmer

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Briefly I was bad at maths just because of my much hate for it not the fact that I can't hack it. I think it's always good to have main basics in every course you are learning as it should be in either mathematics field or programming field.

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nf • 5 months ago
Here is what I think about Programming as computer geek: In secondary school we had a teacher who used to tell us some tricky and logical stories in addition to complicated questions during morning programming course. Most of those questions were answered by those students who has open-minded curiosity despite the fact that they are not good at maths and sometimes other many courses. What I mean is this: If you have open-mind and able to make critical analysis you will be able to find solution to almost any problem in mathematics field. If you have deep thinking and able to solve logical problems you will fit in if you choose to be a programmer as logic is the part of software development when it comes to coding.

Each programmer is proud to say "I code and make web apps, websites with javascript" I make good user interface with javascript and libraries or even some libraries and frameworks out there.

Not every apps are the same as they will become so complicated while growing. And when User interface is done some bullshits end, Developer time ends and programmer job starts. We know programmers have many ways to solve problems, if those ways are failing, a function named help() {} is needed and help doesn't mean you are not good programmer, Instead it shows you are able to work with others as it should be. If you are good at coding, even one idea is enough to work for you just because that idea will come as an extra! »


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