Is copy-pasting good habit for new programmers why?

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Copy-Pasting in coding is common for every computer user even programmers, As it saves time for rewriting existing codes, But I call it bad If it becomes an usual habit even wherever it is not necessary. Should beginners or newbie in programming or learners use that tool while learning? What do you think devs?

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jeph6 • 2 weeks ago
Copying and pasting code is bad to new programmers just because, they are just beginners and needs to understand codes, writing their own code, Other important trouble about copy/pasting is that when you have copied somewhere and take a coding break, it'll cause issues in existing code sometimes because you forget to updates some changes and causee duplication »


gadrawin • 6 months ago
Copy/Paste is there for usefulness, but should be there whenever it's necessary. Not everything to be copied and pasted as if you don't have keyboard in front of you. For Real developers, They always get their hands dirty with codes except when they don't want to re-write existing codes. »


computergeek • 6 months ago
As we know, You can't be a real dev, specialist in coding, programming or web development if you don't have basics, And we know, As we are learning, Important thing is to understand the problem and logic to solve it, then coding. To justify things, Here is what I meant. If you can't write your own programs in your new paper/file I bet you'll stick there and you won't know any programming language, Because you are too lazy to write any full program. Here are possible effects: #Your mind won't memorize some important keywords fully #You get bored while coding #You can't trace program error with your eyes( u always need being notified about error and to you'll be unable toremove it) #You spend a day on a simple program »


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