Should I ignore rumors such as php\'s dead, dying or irrelevant?

255 views   Web Development  2020.07.22

There are many articles and posts discussing about topics saying that PHP is dead and trash Is it because We got Python, Go and Node.js Why do people say php is irrelevant, dead and other drawbacks?

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gadrawin • 1 year ago
I see many articles on web discussing the death of PHP but I'm asking ("Is it its ghost we are using?") PHP won't go anywhere until the end of web development, I'm sure... Python, Nodejs, Deno will be good in competition but hey, and good alternatives but they are many php lovers who will never surrender it! lets wait for new version! Moreover they are many powerful companies which are still running it and most of them are not ready to migrate their system. »


codeveloper • 1 year ago
Yeah you should, just because every programming language has its own pros and cons, No programming language do everything. If it works for you stick to it »


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