Should I learn Deno if don\'t know Node.js?

248 views   Web Development  2020.07.06

I was thinking of learning Node.js by the end of 2020 but I heard news that there is a better and improved Node.js, I want a help, Will that task be easy for me

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codeveloper • 1 year ago
It would be better if you put all of your effort in Deno rather than Node.js in spite of its popularity because Deno can do everything Nodejs with lot's of extra interesting features it has built with. #Benefits of Deno over Node.js * Security was improved in its first release * Speed is amazing, Imagine how better are next releases * It has a support of Typescript while Nodejs isn't. * Package management is way better than Nodejs  »


gadrawin • 1 year ago
Yes you should, because there is a fact that Deno is not there as a replacement of Node.js. but alternative tool to do what's impossible in Node.js. Additionaly, There many features added in Deno so as to make it play better where Node.js can't. That means, It could be easier for Node.js developer to learn Deno because the syntax is similar and teams behind Node.js and Deno collaborate together because the both invented by One person and rely on Javascript even though First release of Deno uses TypeScript for its internal codes. »


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