Should I use Ruby on RaiLs or Perl in the place of Php?

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Briefly, I need to know if I can use ruby on rails instead of php. I've been thinking of new stable programming language which which I can stick to, in future In case php will be downfallen(even though I don't believe those bullshits spread by different developers)

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themeeky • 1 year ago
My idea is that you should, But before getting started, You need to know What Ruby on Rail(RoR) is, RoR or Rails is an Open-source, Backend(server-side) framework which was made for web application development with the purpose of handling dynamic websites, web apps, and providing default structures for a database, a web service. Rails is written in Ruby programming language and Model-view-controller(MVC) framework, Even though It combines html, JavaScript as php can do as well, They are both old and mature languages to rely on. by considering popularity, Php ruled the web game for a longtime but Not today. I can't say Rails is the best successor but It is among them such as Node.js, Django, Go and more. Importantly, It's still hard to find ruby on rails dev, because they lack interests or even don't give it a try, But their current developers praise it for is simplicity and being Functional programming which make the language best.  »


jeph6 • 1 year ago
Based on my personal view and preference, I suggest learning Ruby on rails as your second weapon in web development if you've been coding with php because Rails can do what php does. Although some people say it's not easy way to go, They think like that because rails become easy if you know Ruby, here I reply them (If you've been programming in php and good at that lingo, You will be able to learn other new languages, Because I think you know the struggles of coding, and we know these new languages are easy to learn) I think you should learn Perl in the place of php because It is similar to Php, But if you want in-demand programming language, It's better learning Python as new, clear, easy-to-learn language these years. Importantly, Even if Ruby on rails gave life to good sites like, twitter, airbnb, squarespace, it is not programming language itself(just a framework for web application) as it is based on Ruby programming language, but Perl is itself. »

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@Alshakul • 1 year ago
I like your opinions. Everyone should have plan B

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