What can\'t stop programmers from Coding?

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As every programmer or software developer experiences different things in their life of coding, what can't stop developer from coding even terrible time?

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codeveloper • 2 weeks ago
We all experienced and got affected by Covid-19 in one way or another. But for programmers, I think it's a good time to work as usual since you have all required primary needs for dev such as Good PC, stable internet connection, And healthy mind. Thus, Something like Lockdown can't stop you from coding, instead, You get encouraged and stay inspired »


themeeky • 6 months ago
#Depression: I used to code since I was depressed and I achieved more despite those troubles #Hunger: Hunger can't make me put my codepen down, except starvation. #Sleep: Many programmers can spend one or two nights coding if necessary. #Unless a programmer loses his Computer or dev tools, I bet nothing can stop real programmer from coding even when he/she seems to be unemployed, Because there are always uncompleted programs to debug. # Real programmers always have progressive projects (there's always something in To-Do list) #IMO, Only death and serious illness can stop me! »

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@Devuntildeath • 6 months ago
I like this comment

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