What database system do Q&A sites use to store questions and answers?

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I am asking this question because I see millions of questions and answers on those questions & answers sites like quora, stackoverflow which are well-arranged and considered to use database for storing contents and users data. What is the database system which is commonly used for that job?

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gadrawin • 1 year ago
As likely as not They use MySql as their DBMS(database management system) for storing their user data, contents such as Questions and answers. Because I think (text) contents , as we know, doesn't require much space as photos or videos do. It is likely that those giant sites use more than one DBMS for managing and organizing their data, for instance: • Facebook uses (MariaDB, MySQL, HBase and Cassandra) • YouTube uses (Vitess, BigTable and MariaDB) • Twitter uses (MySQL only) • Wikipedia uses (MariaDB only) • Ebay uses (Oracle database only) • but Google uses (Bigtable and MariaDB) And now you clearly see that It depends on Company preferences and (data amount)! »


pazzo • 1 year ago
That's second top-left


pazzo • 1 year ago
Use android app called computer science will explain collect »


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