What do you know about computer programmers?

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I was, and still am a programmer After living programmers lives, I experienced more in that life which love and hate sometimes, because of different facts I mentioned in Comment section. Anyways, What do you know about (real) programmers especially common characters they share

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daxman • 1 week ago
Programmers are half human and Aliens Because they almost have no life of living in their own world. »


codeveloper • 1 week ago
Most Programmers are not interested in having girlfriends because they can't find a time for them. Instead, They choose to get married to their PC and talk to Their text editors and spend their time with Programming languages they fell in love with. While other people are at beach, for instance with their friends. »


gadrawin • 5 months ago
A programmer is someone who is able to creating programs from scratch and instructs them what to do by based on given logic and analysis. Since we are talking about real programmers, Here are what shows you a real pro # They are able to analyse your problem: # They are able to design system (either by flowchart or other ways) # Logically thinking # Able to run some programs without reference # They don't do copy pasting (unless copying their own codes) # They are able to understand code of others. # A programmer should be specialized in at least one programming language or more. # A programmer should know new technologies, programming languages even though, he's not going to learn it deeply. # Nowadays it's hard to find a real programmer who don't use Github or any of those(Bitbucket, Gitlab, Github)(But not all github users, the real ones.) # Real programmer seeks for help by joining other programmers in forums, communities, and he share with others. # Real programmers are always update! # Real programmers do never give up. # Their typing skills will tell you! # Real programmers share what they know with others # Programmer's life seems to be different from others. # Programmers know each other. # Programmers never stop learning and their minds are their weapon # They can spend almost a day fighting with program bugs # Programmers don't rely on a single language or tool(framework, library) because there many programming languages which has different functionalities »

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@Uhiriwedeby • 5 months ago
Some thoughts are good but, full of exaggerations, thanks for sharing anyways

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