What happens if you choose framework over Programming language?

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As technology and web development is growing at high pace, It seems like almost every programmer, coder, developer and software developer is required to use framework even if they know that programming which the framework was made for. what's the change after deciding to use framework over programming language itself.

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codeveloper • 8 months ago
You came in the world of using frameworks? Good - You're all set! A. It is the place where you will find 1 to 1000 groups of developers do the same thing. which is good and bad sometimes. B. You want to make unique stuffs? Nope you are not in right place, go and sharpen your skills in the programming language you love and master it. C. Time and Speed won't scare you in this world, Get out. »


gadrawin • 8 months ago
What happens, is that you you joined a new dev room where you don't have to get your hands dirty with code instead you use existing ones. In the place where development is simplified but limited. write 15 lines of code instead of 200 lines. Again, Forget writing your own codes and follow what other developers did for you in order to get your stuffs done quickly, if you are not satisfied move to alternate framework. »


anonymous4 • 8 months ago
What happens? Uhm, You become lucky because the these-days world(industry) needs developer/ programmer/ designer just like you. What is industry expecting from you? You are able to do the stuffs perfectly (Because industry thinks you know the framework you are using even if you are not expert in it. You are in right place if the framework is popular because every day who uses it, is willing to give you support if needed, because there are many active developers (for each framework) everyday. »


skilledtech • 8 months ago
You choose a framework, What does it bring? * Pleasure: because you code with pleasure as you don't have to write many lines of code just to get desired result of your program. * You spend less time dealing with some bugs because the framework developer has debugged that program for you. * Collaboration: By using the right framework, you are able to collaborate with other devs and teams in easy way. * Then what, happy coding & hacking!  »


themeeky • 8 months ago
As dev world knows, Frameworks are just built to solve developer's problems in short time but amazingly as it holds user written code together to serve it's purpose effectively. Technology is at high speed, where you don't need to spend 1 months or 2 just to get your project/app done. You got framework as solution to your answers. And It got you. If you have framework which is matching with your project it's undoubtedly very good because of these reasons: * You have app for instance (eCommerce app), and you want to built app within a week or 2 days (you hired mobile app developer) or you do it yourself, because you know the framework that you are using, it's features, weakness, You will just have to type less and get everything done as expected. * Time management become easy: by using framework especially the one you mastered, There is no doubt you are going to deal with time perfectly because there many tools got prepared for you just to use them.  »


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