Where ruby programming is good and useful?

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I'm newcomer in Ruby programming language and I don't know what's ruby used for and where It is mostly used? Is it worth my time from 2020+ as programming language I can use in many stuffs as Python? I need you developers to let make me understand Where Ruby is special when it comes tomes to use?

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devuntildeath • 4 months ago
You said you are new comer in Ruby codecamp? I don't care if you are intending to be Web developer or Whatever stack you are, I know you will enjoy this programming language because of many things you can do with it! Where does Ruby win the battle? * Ruby comes in handy when you build websites and web applications. * Ruby is helpful when you want to create:
  • Report generators(HTML, CSV and PDF)
  • Web crawlers
* Wins at web servers * Wins at making API clients (like Github's) You can use RUBY for creating cross-platform apps for iOS and Android with Rubymotion. Additionally, Ruby can be used in Data science and Machine language as well. »


themeeky • 4 months ago
One thing that I like about Ruby programming is its beautiful code syntax which is more closer to English language than python do. Get started with Ruby, I'm not paid promoter but I know you wil find it more interesting especially while working with classes which are never closed.


class Rubyist
 attr_reader :name, :salary
 def initialize(name, salary)
 @name, @salary = name, salary
 def <=>(rubyist) 
 @salary <=> rubyist.salary

def to_s
 "#{@name} (#{@salary})"
group = [
 Rubyist.new("Themeeky", 80000) ,
 Rubyist.new("Mark", 75000) 

puts group.sort.reverse


gadrawin • 4 months ago
According to my personal experience, I take Ruby as good programming language which is high-level and general-purpose as Python, Java and more. Here are its main features:
  • It's a complete object-oriented programming
  • It is dynamic typing and duck typing
  • Everything in Ruby is Expression
  • Execution of ruby programs are done imperatively
  • Package management throuh RubyGems
Ruby is said to follow the principle of least astonishment(POLA): Which means it reduces confusions for experienced users. Ruby programming was mainly created in order to focus on human language rather than machine language as some programming like C or Assembly. said Matsumoto (creator of Ruby). Ruby is good when It comes to:
  • Full-stack web development with Rails framework
  • DevOps(Innovate faster, Better collaboration, Better quality)
  • Automation
  • Backup tools
  • Data filtering


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