Which facebook can I use when i have slow internet connection?

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I live near WiFi zone and I face problem of slowness of the network connection when I'm accessing facebook, Is there any solution or facebook version for slow network as we know facebook site has different version?

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jeph6 • 1 year ago
Solution is (https://m.facebook.com) or (mbasic.facebook.com) This question is important, I am web enthusiast who's been learning many stuffs related to giant sites like Google ang Facebook, And I used to access facebook and check for urls in the url bar of my browser such as free.facebook.com, m.facebook.com but even though there were sometimes different urls I was still accessing my facebook data in the same way. What I learnt: @Facebook cares about every device either small or big, with uncomparable responsive designs in order to avoid looking bad in its users' devices (which means it fits in every device). @Facebook automatically redirects you to facebook version which match with your device(old phones, smartphones, tablets, computer) @Facebook considers every facebooker (either who uses high-speed or low-speed internet connection) @Facebook enables you to use whatever version you like. »


gadrawin • 1 year ago
Succinctly answering, I was a big fan of Free facebook(free.facebook.com) since I was broke at 16, And my good connection was with low bandwidth and I found that There is mbasic.facebook.com which has a similar look with free one and works amazingly on slow network connection. https://mbasic.facebook.com Its Good sides -------------- Mbasic facebook works as if you are using phone. Mbasic is faster than other versions because it has limited data to load per page. Its bad sides ---------------- It is handy(useful) when you have low-speed network It doesn't look awesome as it lacks beauty It Show small amount of data per page I think that helps! »

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@Jeph6 • 1 year ago
Thanks @gadrawin Your idea is understandable

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