Why does AngularJs get bad reputation while React\'s not?

230 views   Web Development  2020.07.20

As web/ software development grows faster, the usage of JavaScript frameworks in building good looking UIs raises Why do best javascript frameworks such as Angular we liked, lose their popularities among other frameworks?

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ahsafudari • 1 year ago
Angular.js is one of the most powerful, good and full-fledged javascript framework out there to help JS programmers to build their applications in short time. That's good but despite the fact that Angular.js is used by big companies including it's owner Google, That situation doesn't mean it attracts many dev's attention as Vue.js or React.js do. Here are the reasons why it gets low reputation among Top 3 javascript frameworks. Angular gets low reputation just because of presence of React.js even though react is a library Angular is being killed by its counterpart Vue.js (as it includes most of its features and React's) Angular.js don't suit dev's needs when the app gets more complex Angular.js is a fully-featured MVC framework whereas React is JS library Angular.js is more easier to use than React but not Easier to learn as JS Angular.js, developed and maintained by Google while React, developed and maintained by Facebook AngularJS job openings are lower than ReactJS's Angular's tree data structure will be updated if a single section is changed while React.js makes it easier to update the changes without affecting the whole tree data structure. »


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